Newsletter #1

Welcome to the 1st newsletter of the SenGA project! In it, you will learn more about the goals and expected results and who the partners are.

You will also discover why seniors are at the heart of this eco-friendly initiative and why it is important to encourage them to be more environmentally aware and to become green activists, as well as how this supports their active aging and life-long learning.

Get ready to explore a greener world with SenGA!

Newsletter #2

Take a look at the 2nd SenGA newsletter! In it, you will learn more about the 2 parts of the “Guidelines on Engaging Senior Adult Learners in Non-Formal Education”:

Part 1: Environmental protection, sustainability, recycling and circular economy; &

Part 2: Creating a suitable learning environment for elder adult learners. You will also find a Model workshop on recycling for seniors, and a link to the Resource Library, where you could find 39 interesting and helpful senior-led green initiatives.

Stay tuned for the forthcoming workshops in which seniors could practice the creative recycling and upcycling activities which we are developing as part of the project! Connect with us on LinkedIn and Facebook for regular updates.

Newsletter #3

Have a look at the 3rd SenGA newsletter!

Here, you could find more information about the creative workshops in which we are testing the developed practical activities for recycling and upcycling of old wooden materials and furniture; metallic elements (including CDs and DVDs); glass; plastic bottles; paper and cardboard; and clothes, fabric and garment.

Contact the project partners for more information about the workshops in your country! Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for regular updates about the results and the forthcoming activities!

Project No.: 2022-1-BG01-KA220-ADU-000085169

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